basc logo walesBASC at The Welsh Countrymans Game Fair

BASC Wales will be attending this year’s WCGF Llandeilo Carmarthenshire. Over the two days you will be able to visit their trade stand and get up to date information on shooting and conservation matters and we will also be hosting the BASC Scurry League and the Shotgun Coaching Line.

BASC Scurry League

The BASC Scurry League is a timed event whereby dogs compete against the clock by retrieving dummies over various disciplines.

The Scurry League is open to all gundog breeds (including recognised crosses of these breeds).Points are awarded per day for the League, these are: 1st 30, 2nd 20, 3rd 10.

As well as points for the league additional prizes may be given at some specific events. Once the dog crosses over the line, the clock starts; each return over the line stops the clock. Dogs maybe kept on leads or held.

It’s £2 per run for each scurry and junior competitors (16 year of age and under) will be entitled to receive one free scurry ticket per individual scurry held at each event. Thereafter additional tickets will be £1 each.

The fastest dog over each event wins. There is no limit on the number of entries – however should the organisers feel that excessive competing of a dog may be injurious to that dog’s wellbeing, an entry will be declined.

The top 20 dogs in the league after the final qualifying scurry will be invited to attend a Grand Final to determine the overall winner of the league. A handler may compete in the Grand Final with more than one dog.

(Held under Kennel Club Regulations)In aid of Carmarthenshire Therapy Dogs (reg 1181987)

Saturday 15th JUNE
Troed-Y-Rhiw Farm, Ffairfach, Llandeilo SA19 6PH

JUDGE: Linda Lewis, Tangaer

ENTRY FEES £1.00 per class PRIZES Rosettes 1st -4th and specials

1. AV Puppy 6 – 12 mths
2. AV Sporting Dog or Bitch
3. AV Non Sporting Dog or Bitch
4. AV Working Gundog Junior
5. AV Working Gundog Open6 – 18 mths
6. AV Open
All unbeaten exhibits in above classes will now compete for BEST IN SHOW and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW, these winners will not be eligible for novelty classes



4. Golden Oldie (7 years old and over)

5. Puppy (6 – 12 months)

6. Junior Handling 6 – 11 years old

7. Junior Handling 12 – 17 years old

8. Dog with the waggiest tail.

9. Best Condition

10. Prettiest Bitch

11. Most Handsome Dog

12. Best Crossbreed

13. Dog judge would like to take home

All the first prize winners in the novelty classes will now compete for


Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2019

LURCHER SHOW - Sunday 16th June - 1pm

1. Smooth dog pup
2. Smooth bitch pup
3. Rough dog pup
4. Rough bitch pup
5. Bull X dog pup
6. Bull X bitch pup

Puppy Championship

7. Smooth dog under 23”
8. Smooth bitch under 23”
9. Rough dog under 23”
10. Rough bitch under 23”
11. Smooth dog over 23”
12. Smooth bitch over 23”
13. Rough dog over 23”
14. Rough bitch over 23”
15. Working lurcher
16. Bull X dog
17. Bull X bitch
18. Sighthound dog and bitch excluding whippets
19. Matched pairs
20. Veteran lurcher (over 7 years)
21. Child handler

Bull X Championship - classes 16 and 17

Lurcher Championship - classes 7 to 15

Judge TBC


WHIPPET SHOW - Sunday 16th June - 1pm

1. Dog pup
2. Bitch pup

Puppy Championship

3. Whippet dog
4. Whippet bitch
5. Blue whippet dog or bitch
6. Fawn whippet dog or bitch
7. Brindle whippet dog or bitch
8. Black whippet dog or bitch
9. Other whippet dog or bitch
10. Working whippet
11. Matched pairs
12. Veteran whippet (over 7 years)
13. Child handler

Whippet Championship - classes 3 to 10

Judge TBC
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June 2019


TERRIER SHOW - Sunday 16th June - 1pm

1. Terrier dog pup
2. Terrier bitch pup

Puppy Championship

3. Rough Coated Russell dog
4. Rough Coated Russell bitch
5. Smooth Coated Russell dog
6. Smooth Coated Russell bitch
7. Lakeland dog
8. Lakeland bitch
9. Patterdale/Fell dog
10. Patterdale/Fell bitch
11. Border dog
12. Border bitch
13. Crossbred dog
14. Crossbred bitch
15. Bedlington dog/bitch
16. Any other breed of terrier not previously mentioned
17. Entered terrier
18. Pair of terriers
19. Veteran terrier (over 7 years)
20. Child handler

Terrier Championship (classes 3 to 16)

Judge TBC



1. Lurcher under 23”
2. Lurcher over 23”
3. Lurcher puppy
4. Whippet under 21”
5. Whippet over 21”
6. Whippet puppy
7. Terrier under 12”
8. Terrier over 12”
9. Terrier puppy
10. Any other breed